The City: Lori Nix

Lori Nix is possibly my favourite artist/photographer ever! I know an artist is good when I am jealous that I did not produce this work myself. Her composition and colour is spectacular and the atmosphere that her photographs create is stunning. Not only does Nix take great images but she also creates the dioramas she photographs from scratch – taking her months and months before they are ready to finally photograph! Wow. The creepy, eerie, dystopian feel to her work is exactly what I would want to create were this my own and I just drool looking at her work. All her work. The images are both very real and very unreal at the same time, combining fantasy and gritt to form worlds end environment that stun me! I am such a fan girl!


“In my own work, I create photographs that depict our failing future and the demise of humanity, though I temper it with subtle humour. I am interested in depicting danger and disaster, but I temper this with a touch of humour. My childhood was spent in a rural part of the United States that is known more for its natural disasters than anything else. I was born in a small town in western Kansas, and each passing season brought its own drama, from winter snow storms, spring floods and tornados to summer insect infestations and drought. Whereas most adults viewed these seasonal disruptions with angst, for a child it was considered euphoric. Downed trees, mud, even grass fires brought excitement to daily, mundane life. As a photographer, I have recreated some of these experiences in the series “Accidentally Kansas”.

In my newest body of work “The City” I have imagined a city of our future, where something either natural or as the result of mankind, has emptied the city of its human inhabitants. Art museums, Broadway theatres, Laundromats and bars no longer function. The walls are deteriorating, the ceilings are falling in, the structures barely stand, yet Mother Nature is slowly taking them over. These spaces are filled with flora, fauna and insects, reclaiming what was theirs before man’s encroachment. I am afraid of what the future holds if we do not change our ways regarding the climate, but at the same time I am fascinated by what a changing world can bring.

I am fascinated, maybe even a little obsessed, with the idea of the apocalypse. In addition to my childhood experiences with natural disasters, I also grew up watching 1970s films known as “disaster flicks”. I remember watching Towering Inferno, Earthquake, Planet of Apes and sitting in awe in the dark. Here was the same type of dangers I had experienced day to day being magnified and played out on the big screen in a typical Hollywood way. Each of these experiences has greatly influenced my photographic work. The series Accidentally Kansas explored my personal experience with the natural disasters of my childhood. The City postulates what it would be like to live in a city that is post man-kind, where man has left his mark by the architecture, but Mother Nature is taking back these spaces. Flora, fauna and insects mix with the debris of high and low culture.” – check out her work @



















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