Infestation (2009)

Infestation is an oddly enjoyable B movie that no doubt Paul would insult if he would actually agree to watch it with me. The premise is pretty simple: a group of office workers wake up in cocoons to discover that giant insects have taken over the world.

Our plot follows Cooper, an underachieving office worker who has just been fired. Cooper wakes up covered in webbing and faced by a giant stag beetle. After a surprisingly enjoyable battle between the beetle and Cooper, he then goes on to wake up several other office workers who band together in the face of giant-ass bugs. There is the standard romance between Cooper and an initially sceptical Sara (the daughter of Cooper’s now deceased ex-boss) The plot is fairly simple, but unexpectedly enjoyable – primarily for two reasons.

Cooper, played by Chris Marquette, is a remarkably well written and witty character. He is not a born hero; he is a drop out who worked in a bar in Mexico for a while, has daddy issues and likes playing practical jokes on his workmates (one of which I am totally going to start doing to my friends!) He is however extremely endearing, if a bit of a douche, and really mans up in the face of a plague of giant, grotesque bugs. The script is well written and quite funny and the plot is not overly taxing.


The film makers also struck gold with the creation of human-bug hybrids. A sting from one of the insects slowly converts innocent humans into half-bug half-zombie mutant minions. They are very cool- really not something you want to spot running down the street towards you. I was very impressed with these darling little critters, and wish they featured a hell of a lot more.

Overall, this is definitely a B-movie, but it would easily class as a B+ movie in my books. A good watch on a fairly low budget: plenty of witty banter, some good monsters and a not-too-hard-to-follow plot. Give it a watch! Liz x


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