Tooth and Nail (2007)



Tooth and Nail is certainly not the highest calibre film around. I only bumped into it due to the fact it had one of the characters out of Boy Meets World* in it. The film is pretty boring and not great. I skipped through most of it, pausing at the best bits and trying to hold onto the plot, but to be honest it is not a great watch.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic America, where mankind is nearing extinction due to the world having run out of fossil fuel. Although the world knew that it would eventually run out of fuel, the estimate time scale was wrong and the world was not sufficiently prepared when oil and coal ran out. The world ground to a halt – food production and transport stopped, wars broke out for the remaining resources, billions of people died, with those remaining forced south to avoid the harsh winters, left desperately trying to survive.


Tooth and Nail follows a band of rag-tag survivors who, unlike the majority of the remaining populous, have stayed in one of the northern cities, believing overcrowding of the south will slowly make living there impossible. They have a few weapons, and just enough food to survive. The remaining people have formed into gangs and as such our characters are incredibly wary of outsiders.

The group save a young woman from a rival group who have just killed her boyfriend and bring her back to the hospital at which they reside. However the group faces problems when they realise that the girl was being hunted by a group of cannibals called the ‘Rovers’ who have resorted to eating humans in order to survive. Our characters are beset by the Rovers, led by Vinnie Jones, and are forced to fight for their own survival as they are slowly picked off one by one. Chaos ensues!


The problem with Tooth and Nail is that the premise is good, but somehow the film still manages to be boring. The relationships and the bonds that are demonstrated throughout the film are unconvincing and I found it hard to care when the characters were betrayed or bumped off. For something that should be tense and bad-ass and gory it fails to be any of these things for me, and the only truly good bit has to be Rider Strong’s coat.

Honestly, I find that I have very little to say about it, it is a film that sounds good but failed to entertain even me, who will watch pretty much anything once!

*probably the favourite TV programme from my youth.


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