Slither (2006)

– A Review by Liz –

poster 70x100 Slither nl nieuw 5.indd

Firefly fans rejoice – Nathan Fillion takes up his role as Gun-totin’, witty leader once again in this Mal Reynolds vs Giant Space Leeches horror-comedy. Fillion plays Bill Pardy, a local sheriff faced with global enslavement of the human race when creepy space leeches begin infesting residents of his small back-water town and start turning them into zombified leech-breeding mutants.


Sounds terrible right? Well, amazingly not. Were this not a horror-comedy and just a straight-up horror then Slither would suck. The gore is excellent and plenty, the critters pretty disturbing and the action ok, but were it not for the comedy I feel Slither would happily have been dumped into the 50p bargain B-movie bin in Tesco*. Luckily the film is punctuated nicely by Fillion’s witty humor and succeeds in meshing the horror and action perfectly with the comedy aspect – with superb dialogue and funny-gore.


Nathan Fillion truly makes this film – it being just another opportunity to watch him do what he does best: run away from danger, shoot things and make droll off-hand remarks. If the idea of watching Mal Reynolds fight off a mutated zombie-elk appeals then this is the film for you!

If you are scared of leeches or slugs then maybe give this film a miss**, but otherwise give it a watch – all my friends have loved it – even when having shown large amounts of skepticism beforehand. Paul probably hated it – can’t remember.




*To be honest you could probably still find it in bargain buckets – but if you do consider it a find – Slither is a little gem of a film!

** or even better – don’t and never sleep again.


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  1. I am too scared to watch this film and now i am terrified because I scrolled down and your feed and saw the pictures. Dude that should come with a warning 😮

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