True Bloodthirst (2012)


Damn. I was really hoping this would be a truly terrible film – I think Ablogalypse is due some bad reviews. Alas I cannot give you this as True Bloodthirst – also known as Vampyre Nation – is actually not that bad. That isn’t to say it is good as such, it is most certainly a straight-to-tv kinda movie and fairly predictable, but nevertheless it is a rather enjoyable watch!

My enjoyment of this film may have something to do with its containing Andrew Lee Potts (of Primeval fame) for whom I am a little bit of a fan girl. He is a very watchable chap, even when he is doing a rather odd American accent; he is the sort of quirky person that makes telly watching fun. He is however rather out of character in this film, with him normally playing the slightly idiosyncratic, bumbly comedian. Instead Potts has trimmed his hair, learned to fight and has taken up a vendetta against the vampire populous -his opening scene is him beating the crap out of a load of fellow prison inmates – go him!


Andrew Lee Potts aside this film is still a pretty good watch. As far as syfy channel films go this is most certainly one of the better ones. There is plenty of action, it’s not too complicated and does not contain quite so much fake sciencey rubbish as most cheaply made syfy films. The dialogue is rather good, with lots of humour and witty banter and the film has given itself an almost Underworld (2003) feel, choosing not to demonize vampires (at least not the human looking ones…) Which brings us onto the plot.

Our plot revolves around Derricks – an American cop working for the Romanian police and tasked with discovering the reason behind the massacre of several humans and vampires. Vampires live openly within the city, but have been demonized and cast out into segregated zones to ‘protect’ the human populous, despite a synthetic blood substitute having been created allowing for human-vampire coexistence without all the need for the biting and the killing and so forth. Derricks rounds up an unlikely bunch of helpers including Johnny Harker (Andrew Lee Potts) and his sister Celeste: American vampire hunters who have spent the last two years in a Romanian jail, Katya: a pole-dancer and ex-girlfriend of Johnny who is also pretty good at wooping a bit of vampire ass, Innes-Dunchley: a pansy British agent and Nicolai: a 600 year old vampire*. Our team quickly discover the culprits behind the massacres: giant demon vampire bats which have mutated due to infected blood and happen to include in their ranks Nicolai’s brother. Let the hunting ensue.


As previously stated there is plenty of fighting, shooting, blood, gore and explosions (making me very happy) and the plot is pretty fast paced, preventing boredom. The acting isn’t too shabby either. So as I said, no luck yet on finding a truly terrible film to review for you guys, but do not fear I have a very long list of B movies on my ‘films to watch’ list and SOME of them are bound to be crappy – I can pretty much guarantee you that Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010) is not going to be a brilliant watch. Till then x

*looking pretty good for 600 though, must be said!



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