Apocalyptic Comics by RobotHugs

I recently started riffling through the archives of  www.robot-hugs.com which is a web comic primarily featuring work on the topics of LGBT, Relationships and Depression/Anxiety issues and cats – worth a read if those things interest you.

However, among these comics I also found an interesting little selection of apocalyptic works, which I saved and thought I might share with you as they are awesome and obviously relevant to the blog 🙂 Enjoy!!  p.s Spot the spelling mistakes for extra apocalypse points!

2010-04-15-Happy Holidays

2010-06-24-End of the world

2010-08-30-The future could have been great

2010-10-14-Also good for my agoraphobia

p.p.s – I will actually get my arse in gear and write a few proper reviews soon I promise! Liz x

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